TimberWolf Timberwolves, ages 8-10, pursue a program of activities similar to Baden-Powell’s original Wolf Cub program. Many of the games and challenges are based on The Jungle Book—which was written by Baden-Powell’s friend, Rudyard Kipling.

DSCF1236Timberwolves learn by doing. The Timberwolf motto is “Do Your Best” and the Timberwolf Law is: “The cub gives in to the old wolf. The cub does not give in to herself” (or himself). By this we don’t mean letting older people make all the decisions for us, but instead that when we’re confronted with difficulty we don’t give in to those inner voices that tell us it would be easier to quit. Not everything is easy the first time, but we become more skilled with practice. We learn perseverance and resilience from the “old wolves.”

The Timberwolf Pack usually meets on the first Sunday of the month at Joaquin Miller park, and on the third Sunday of the month at a local park or other site for a hike or community service event—see our event schedule for details. Like all BPSA sections, the Timberwolf Pack is open to scouts of all genders, levels of ability, races, religions, and orientations.

twolvesTimberwolves wear blue ball caps and a gray long-sleeved tee shirt, along with the Oaklanders green-and-yellow neckerchief. Dues are $45 per year plus extra for handbook and uniform costs ($10 for the handbook, $6 for the cap, $6 for the shirt, and $15 for the necker, for a total of $82 first-year costs. We do have a small scholarship fund if these costs would present a burden). Badges are included in the cost of dues.

The best way for new Timberwolves to join our group is simply to come to a couple of meetings and events and see if they like it! Please contact shannon@oaklanders.org to let us know if you are planning to drop in.