TenderfootThe Pathfinder Troop is in many ways the heart of the scouting program. At this level the emphasis is on youth leadership—scouts plan their own outings, with adults on hand to facilitate, guide, and ensure safety. We train through hands-on, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, canoeing, and backpacking, as well as community service projects. Like all BPSA sections, the Pathfinder Troop is open to scouts of all genders, levels of ability, races, religions, and orientations.

Pathfinders wear a dark gray or olive green safari shirt, cargo pants or shorts, and the green-and-yellow neckerchief of the Oaklanders. Dues are $45 a year plus uniform and handbook costs. (The handbook is $10, the necker is $15, shirts start at $32 and shorts at $29. We do have a small scholarship fund if these costs would present a burden.) Please contact shannon@oaklanders.org if you are interested in joining!