2017-2018 Registration

Our registration period runs from October 2017 to October 2018. To register your scout, please fill out our emergency information and medical release and return either via hard copy to a leader or electronically to shannon@oaklanders.org. If re-registering, please send us an updated form if any of your medical/insurance information has changed.

Base dues are $45 for the year, plus handbook and uniform costs. You may pay either directly via cash or check, or via the Paypal button below. Please be aware that the cost below includes an extra fee that Paypal charges for online transactions.

Uniforms and handbooks may be bought directly at meetings. Otter and Timberwolf uniforms (shirt + cap) are $12 if the scout already has their necker, or $27 if the group necker is also purchased. Handbooks are $10 each.

2017-18 Youth Scout Registration (Dues Only $46.65): Name of scout