NorCal Hullabaloo 2019

Northern California’s fifth annual Hullabaloo—a campout open to all BPSA scouts and their families—will be held at the Hawk Ridge group campsite in Anthony Chabot Regional Park from 3 PM on Friday, July 5th to noon on Sunday, July 7th. This year it will be free to join us at the site. There will also be an optional camp meal plan for those who wish to buy into the communal/group cooking menu, at a cost of $10 per camper (covering two dinners, two breakfasts, one lunch, and coffee: this price is somewhat subsidized by a surplus from previous years’ overbudgeting, and we hope it will help make the campout accessible to all. There is additional scholarship money available for scouts for whom the meal cost would pose a burden; talk to Shannon). Scouts are expected to help with food prep and clean-up. The exact menu will be determined based on numbers but will include both omnivore and vegetarian/vegan options. We accommodate food restrictions and allergies but ask for flexibility regarding non-medical and non-ethical/religious preferences. If you choose not to join the camp meal plan, please come prepared to feed your family. Meal plan sign-ups are now closed.

Families should bring their own tents, sleeping bags, and dishware—a plate, fork, and mug for each person—and ten outdoor essentials: knife, firestarting gear, first aid kit, rain gear, sun protection, extra clothing, flashlight, map and compass, trail food, water. Optional camp amenities like camp chairs, campfire blankets, bug repellent, lanterns, etc. may also help keep you comfortable, and don’t forget allergy medication if you might need it! Scouts should come in uniform, BPSA tee shirts or solid-colored tees. Bring jackets in case it cools off at night!

Fifteen cars can park at the site and there is additional overflow parking a block away. The park gates are locked at 10 PM. It is a breezy, shady site overlooking the lake with a wooden amphitheater for campfires.

We have a planned schedule with some organized events. But please know that a) it’s perfectly fine for parents to kick back with a book while the scouts are cooking, hiking, or playing games, and b) it’s also okay for kids to weave in and out of the group activities as their ages/attention spans/personal interests demand. The following schedule is tentative and subject to change:


3-5 PM: Arrival and set-up; raise the colors
5-7:30 PM: Dinner and clean-up
7:30-8 PM: rising Pathfinder ceremonies; lower the colors
8-10 PM: Campfire and stargazing


7 AM: General wake-up
7:30 AM: Raise the colors
7:45-9:30 AM: Breakfast and cleanup
9:30-11:30 AM: Morning walk
11:30-1:00 PM: Lunch and cleanup
1 PM-5 PM: organized games/handicrafts/free play; fishing at Lake Chabot
5-7:30 PM: Dinner, including prep and cleanup time
7:30 PM: Lower the colors
8-10 PM: Campfire and stargazing


7 AM: General wake-up
7:30 AM: Raise the colors
7:45-9:30 AM: Breakfast and cleanup
9:30-10 AM: Knighting ceremony
10-11 AM: Break camp
11 AM: Lower the colors, sweep for trash and leave no trace

A note on flag ceremonies: Civic engagement is an important part of scouting. Scouts are expected to learn the national anthem and the correct way to raise, lower, and fold a flag as part of their training. However, their relationship to these potent symbols of our country is individual to them, and many scouts in these current times are practicing good citizenship and civic engagement through forms of protest and resistance. We support all forms of respectful attention during flag ceremonies, including standing and giving the traditional scout salute; standing with a hand over the heart; raising a fist to indicate a personal commitment to fighting for social justice; or taking a knee to show grief for injustices that continue. We will explicitly invite scouts to make thoughtful, personal choices about their engagement in the flag ceremonies.

As a little added bonus, we will have commemorative event patches to distribute at the campout.

If you will be joining us but bringing your own food, please let Shannon know ( so we can keep a head count!